Bilge Cleaner

MrGreen Bilge Cleaner is a concentrated all natural micronutrient-based liquid bilge cleaner, deodorizer and degreaser. MrGreen Bilge Cleaner does not use bacteria, enzymes, harsh chemicals, alcohol, or masking agents and as such is safe for humans, animals and the environment. MrGreen will not harm fiberglass, metal or plastic.


“Buy and use this product, and enjoy an odour-free bilge in the future! Thank you for what is clearly a great, AND BIODEGRADABLE solution to a sailor’s nasty problem!”

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“Had a fish box drain clog, didn’t have time to clean it up right away, poured some of this in there, with all the fish guts, blood, etc. Left boat for the weekend and came back expecting the worst. Not even a faint fish smell coming from the box. I’m sold.”
C. Reed

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