Septic Booster

MrGreen Septic Booster is an all natural micronutrient-based liquid concentrate used to reactivate slow or failing septic systems, quickly eliminate odours, and reduce standing water & drain field back-ups. Septic Booster can also be used as an ongoing maintenance program to ensure a healthy and active septic system. MrGreen does not contain bacteria, enzymes, harsh chemicals, alcohol or masking agents and as such is safe for humans, animals and the environment.


“We have used MrGreen Septic Booster in our campground for over 5 years and notice that the system has worked flawlessly. Solids & greases seem to break down much quicker using this product and problems we had before using Septic Booster have been eliminated.”
Kootenay Campsites, B. C.

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“I love organic products that are good for the environment. It contains vitamins, amino acids. It is designed to boost the activity of the enzymes and bacteria already present in the septic tank.”
Andrea Denise Grant

“I used the PVH solution in our RV holding tank. We were dry camping and noticed after 4 days that there was no order from the holding tank! We were amazed. We have owned an RV for many years and know that usually after a few days no matter what brand or how much liquid holding tank solution we used, there would be some odor. But not with your product! We own a home with a septic system and so I have decided to try some of their other products as well. We also appreciate that the product is environmentally responsible and made in Canada.”
B. Wells

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