Pipe, Drain and Trap Treatment

MrGreen PDT is an all natural, micronutrient-based pipe, drain and trap maintenance treatment. MrGreen helps to clean pipes & drains and accelerates the breakdown of waste while eliminating odors. MrGreen does not contain bacteria, enzymes, harsh chemicals, alcohol, or masking agents and as such is safe for humans, animals, the environment.


“I used this product in all of the pipes around my apartment. The kitchen sink, bathroom sinks and of course the bathtub. I even poured some into the toilet bowl. Having kids in the house I have become very cautious of what kind of chemicals and products we use in our home with a baby around. Knowing that this company uses non-toxic ingredients is a big stress reliever. Being that we use most of these areas to either clean the baby or clean her items it’s a relief to feel assured that nothing harmful is coming near her. The Pipe treatment works just as it claims to and continuously so for months. There is no heavy duty chemical odor lingering behind, its clean and fresh. I have noticed that my bathtub drain has been working much better since using the product and no more backups.”
Erica C.

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