Compost Accelerator

MrGreen Compost Accelerator is a liquid all natural organic micronutrient concentrate that rapidly eliminates odours, significantly increases the efficiency of the composting process and increases the quality of the top-soil produced. MrGreen does not use bacteria, enzymes, harsh chemicals, or masking agents and as such is safe for humans, animals and the environment.


“Composting for years and tried powders and they would work but slowly. This works in 24 hours. Have a lot of garden waste now and needed something to help get pile working fast. Very easy to apply, mixing 4 oz. in 2 gal. of water and sprinkle water on pile. The next day you can feel the heat.”

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“Before I applied MrGreen to my compost bin there was a constant cloud of flies inside and out. Also the smell of decay made me wonder why I started this process in the first place. Within a week, no flies, no odor. Great product!”

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