Fabric Refresher

MrGreen Fabric Refresher is an all natural household deodorizer specifically formulated to eliminate lingering household odours and leave behind a fresh scent. MrGreen Fabric Refresher does not contain bacteria, enzymes, harsh chemicals, alcohol, or masking agents. MrGreen Fabric Refresher is safe for humans, animals and the environment. Available in: Lemongrass, Soft Cinnamon and Tropical Breeze.


“After using several other MrGreen products I decided that if this product worked as well and left a fresh scent afterwards, I could replace all my household fresheners. I was not disappointed. The odours are completely eliminated and the clean fresh scent is a winner. ”

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“I was a bit skeptical if this would actually work since it uses all natural ingredients. Well I tried it out and was surprised that it actually worked! I tried other chemical based odor eliminators and had bad reactions to them, but this one actually worked better and smelled nice too.”

“I tried this out and it works like magic! I have always had a problem with my smelly garbage can because our kitchen is so small and this worked to get rid of the odor effectively and I felt good knowing it wasn’t full of nasty chemicals while using it in my kitchen!”
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“I absolutely love this stuff. It smells really good, but not so strong that you get a headache. Also, the scent is very obviously natural and pure smelling. I use this
stuff on my running shoes and clothes, and it works miracles.”

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